SD5000 Tampon and sanitary napkin dispenser

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Golden Group International Dual SD5000 Dispenser: Pioneering Menstrual Hygiene Solutions

SD5000 Dual Dispenser for Tampons and Sanitary Napkins by Golden Group International, a landmark in menstrual hygiene innovation designed for public restrooms. Meticulously crafted to meet the exacting demands of diverse facilities, the SD5000 ensures unparalleled care and convenience for users. This robust, cost-efficient, and user-friendly dispenser is the ideal choice for any public space committed to enhancing comfort and accessibility. Proudly made in the USA and available for immediate shipment. Contact us today for volume discounts and tailor your order to your specific needs.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Universal Compatibility: The SD5000 is engineered to accommodate most vended style tampons and sanitary napkins, offering unmatched flexibility in product selection and ease of restocking.
  • Economic Efficiency: Offered at approximately half the price of competing products, our dispenser delivers a high-quality solution that maximizes your budget.
  • Durability That Lasts: Constructed from robust 22 gauge steel and available in options like sleek stainless steel or classic white powder-coated finishes, our dispensers are built to endure the heavy use and challenging conditions of any high-traffic restroom.
  • Vandal-Resistant Construction: Engineered with no external knobs, sensors, or levers and secured with a keyed cabinet lock, the SD5000 minimizes maintenance and protects against tampering.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Support: The SD5000 helps institutions meet the requirements of the Menstrual Equity for All Act, supporting public health and ensuring compliance with current legislation.

The SD5000 tampon and sanitary napkin vending machine has consistently delivered outstanding performance in various institutional settings—from schools and corporate offices to government facilities. It caters to both small and large environments, promoting inclusivity and accessibility while enhancing the restroom experience for users. By choosing our dispensers, you not only meet legislative requirements but also contribute to creating a more supportive and caring environment.

At Golden Group International, we are committed to excellence and innovation in menstrual care solutions. When you choose the SD5000, you partner with a leader in the field dedicated to enhancing your facility's restroom experience and upholding the highest standards of quality and care.

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  • SD5000SS (stainless steel) 
  • SD5000WH (white steel)



  • Dual Pad/Tampon Dispenser
  • Dispenses 25 tampons (in vending tube) and 12 maxipads (in a standard No. 4 box)
  • Cabinet door lock with a key
  • Dispenses 1 product at a time
  • 22 gauge steel
  • Wall or partition mountable
  • Measures: H 16 1/4" x W 5 1/2" x D 4 1/4" 
  • Weight: 5.5 Lbs
  • Made in the USA
  • In Stock
  • Manufactured by: Golden Group International  

For use with: 

  • Tampax tampons in vending tube: T500 orCPCR200  or RP-500T
  • Maxithins Maxi, full protection vended pad in No. 4 box: MT-4
  • Maxithins Ultra thin with wings , vended pad in No. 4 box: MT-200
  • Enviro Gards Vended Organic Maxipad in No. 4 box: EGP200