Royalty Premier Tampons For Vending Machines

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Royalty Premier Tampons For Vending Machines

Selling Unit: Case of 500 Tampons

SKU: RP-500T

Expertly crafted, Royalty Premier Tampons for Vending Machines are designed for maximum absorption and comfort during menstrual cycles. With their reliable and durable design, these tampons are perfect for stocking vending machines in public bathrooms, providing convenience and peace of mind for customers.


  •  FDA Certified high-quality cotton core.  
  •  Cylindrical design, fast absorption
  •  ES non-woven fabric wrapped cotton core. 
  •  Slim plastic applicator, anti-slip push tube design, petal type smooth rounded tip, easy to operate
  •  Safe and fragrance-free, no migratory fluorescent whitening agent
  •  One hundred thousand-level clean workshop production, pure and hygienic
  •  500 tampons per case
  •  Individually wrapped and in vending tube