SD2000WH, sanitary pad dispenser, white steel

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Sanitary napkin dispenser, for retail style pads / non vended. 

Feminine pad dispensers are perfect for use with sanitary pads, sanitary napkin pads, maxipads, Always, U Kotex, Stayfree, sanitary napkins. 

SKU: SD2000WH 


  • Wall / partition mountable
  • For use with most individually wrapped sanitary napkins 
  • Holds and dispenses approximately 20-25 pads depending on style  
  • Compact size 
  • Sanitary napkin dispensing only
  • Free vending
  • 22 gauge white steel

Measures: 11 1/8" H x 4 5/8" W x 4 1/8" D  

Weight: 2.1 lbs

For use with:  

  • 816IW-6 S           (Regular Maxi Pad, no wing, tri fold & ind. Wrapped)
  • HS-1005/12 S     (Maxithins mx w/wings)
  • 250IM-S              (Ind wrp mxthins) 
  • 500IM-S             (Ind wrp tri-fld thn mx bulk)
  • MT37400C
  • MT48044C-S      (S Maxithins reg maxi 8-chnl 24ct clear bag)
  • MT48516-S        (S Maxithin Mltchl mx ind wrp 16)
  • MT37400-S        (Maxithins MX w/ wings)