Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bags

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The S.A.C. sanitary napkin Disposable Tampon Bags are made from high-quality plastic. Using and sealing this bag for disposing of feminine care products is simple and easy. These bags are easy to handle and use, they'll stay open when being used and stay closed when discarded. This high-density material also means that the bags are extra strong and highly resistant to puncturing and tearing. The S.A.C. feminine care disposal bags are also designed with built-in adhesive strips that effectively create a seamless seal on the bag. This means that what ends up inside the bag, stays inside the bag.

Each box contains 50 Disposable Bags, making the S.A.C. sanitary napkin disposal bags perfect for placement in both private and public bathrooms. These disposal bags for feminine care products are perfect for placement in large institutions like schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, commercial buildings, professional offices and corporate headquarters.

Disposable Tampon Bags
Product #SB8836 - Self sealing sanitary napkin/tampon disposal bags that seal closed with an adhesive pull off tape.

  • Sanitary napkin disposal bag, S.A.C. box SB8836
  • Pull off adhesive tape to seal closed
  • Plastic
  • Heavy opaque bag conceals used items inside the bag
  • Reduces cross contamination and odor
  • Reduces plumbing clogs caused by flushing personal hygiene items
  • Discreet disposal
  • Each disposal bag measures: 5.5" W x 9" L.
  • Each box contains 50 bags
  • Each box measures L 5.75" x W 4.75" x H 1.25"