Do Not Flush Posters

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"Do Not Flush" sign for easy posting on walls or partitions or near any S.A.C. Sanitary napkin tampon bag dispenser, incontinence disposal bag dispenser or baby diaper changing. 

Make sure people get the message! The best way to promote proper disposal practices for personal hygiene and feminine care products is still by displaying a please "Do Not Flush" sign in your bathroom.

Our S.A.C. Do Not Flush Signs are constructed from quality, water-resistant paper stock and are guaranteed to grab the attention of your restroom patrons. Do not flush signs are Easily mounted to any bathroom walls or partitions, they are best placed near other personal hygiene disposal products, like Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bags, Dispensers and Disposal Bins.

  • 5" x 5" Do not flush sign
  • Post this sign on a wall, partition or door 
  • Colorful reminder to Bag and Bin personal hygiene items
  • Helps to keep restrooms clean and sanitary
  • Non adhesive 80 LB paper stock
  • Adhesive vinyl poster
  • Mounting tape or tack are not included with the paper stock option