Large Capacity Bottle Dispenser Kit

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Large Capacity Bottle Dispenser Kit

Proper and consistent use of hygiene products reduces the chances of spreading infectious bacteria and viruses, such as those found in influenza and the common cold. The Large Capacity Bottle Dispenser Stand is ideal for use in public waiting areas, offices, and lobbies, where larger volumes of people are likely to pass through. The bottle can be secured to the stand by attaching a zip-tie or cable from the handle through the ring of the Bottle Dispenser.

Made in the USA

Dimensions: Dimensions rounded to the nearest 1/16" (Assembled)
17.00"W x 41.51"H x 17.00"D
43.2 cm x 105.4 cm x 43.2 cm

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Kit BD004-0012 includes the following products:

•  BOWMAN® Respiratory Hygiene Station (BW004-0512)
•  BOWMAN® Floor Stand (KS010-0412)

BW004-0512: Quartz Beige Powder-Coated Aluminum
KS010-0412: Quartz Beige Powder-Coated Steel

Always assemble and mount dispensers securely prior to loading with product.

Consumable items are for demonstration purposes only and are available for sale here at Golden Group International:   Click to shop here