Sanitary Napkin Receptacle - GGI TD9200

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S.A.C. Feminine Care Sanitary Napkin Receptacles

Our S.A.C. Sanitary Napkin Receptacles are made in the USA and constructed of the finest materials using quality American craftsmanship. These S.A.C. Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bins utilize a variety of unique features, each specifically designed to enhance the functionality of the bin in a unique way. For use with the S.A.C. TD9024 or TD9022 sanitary napkin receptacle liners. Sold separately. 

Measures: W 9.5" H 12" D 4"
Surface mount.
22 gauge steel.

Benefits of the TD9200 Sanitary Napkin Receptacles
  • Allows for proper sanitary disposal of used personal hygiene products
  • Reduces risk of exposure to harmful germs and bacteria
  • Reduces unsightly messes in restrooms
  • Reduces probability of plumbing clogs

  • Steel
  • Wall or partition mountable
  • Push in disposal panel
  • Easy bag change
  • Keyed lock

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