GS 5 Surface Antimicrobial Concentrate

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 Goldshield® 5 Surface Antimicrobial Concentrate 

GS5 is a “concentrate.”  Use on any surface for bacterial inhibition up to 90 days. This formula is for use in all commercial applications. Commercial sizes available. EPA Registered 85556-1

Goldshield is the world’s only patented silicon-based chemical that has been fully stabilized in water. It protects it from microbes that land on the treated surface once it is dry.

The unique antimicrobial barrier technology of Goldshield provides unrivaled cleaning and disinfection capabilities in the fight against daily contamination and potential infectious outbreaks.

Goldshield is a biocidal product capable of being used on hard and soft surfaces that provides durable antimicrobial mono-molecular layer protecting the surface for extended periods.

To use:  Mix 1 gallon in 5 gallons of water to produce 6 gallons of ready-to-use product. Use on any surface for bacterial inhibition up to 90 days. This formula is for also for use in laundry applications. Commercial sizes available, contact us for information on Totes and drums.


Goldshield Technologies' Groundbreaking Antimicrobial Technology

September 18, 2020 




Goldshield Technologies’ Groundbreaking Antimicrobial Technology Proven to

Eliminate COVID-19 on Personal Protective Equipment

New study finds when Goldshield® 5 is applied to medical masks and gloves it can reduce COVID-19 exposure for up to 72 hours