GS 75: Surface Antimicrobial (Ready to Use)

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Goldshield® 75 Surface Antimicrobial Agent 

Water-based, ready-to-use, liquid spray, antimicrobial agent effective against microbes on virtually any surface and most textiles. EPA Registered - 85556-2

Water-based, ready-to-use, liquid spray, antimicrobial agent effective against microbes on virtually any surface and most textiles. One easy application delivers on-going protection for up to 90 days. Alcohol-free. Stronger version available (GS5 concentrate) 2 spray heads included in 4 bottle case. Commercial sizes available.

One spray application of GS75 Antimicrobial is all it takes on many indoor surfaces, carpets, fabrics, etc. to provide an “invisible” protective shield that will inhibit bacteria that cause odor, staining, and discoloration such as mold, mildew, fungi, and algae for up to 90 days.  GS75 also prevents deterioration caused by these bacteria.  Use on outdoor surfaces such as wood decks, furniture cushions, and umbrellas and Goldshield will protect for up to 90 days as well.  GS75 is EPA approved

Larger Drums and Totes are available. Please contact us for information.

Goldshield’s GS75 proper use calls for  Wash, Dry, & Apply. 

  • Wash the surface first.  GS75 is not a detergent, it’s an antimicrobial, so already contaminated surfaces should be thoroughly washed with any detergent that meets your cleaning standards.  Rinse all surfaces with water to rid the surface of residual detergent trace amounts. 
  • Dry all surfaces well.  This is a simple, yet very important step.  GS75 will not bond properly to a wet surface.  If the areas to be covered are large, an atomizer or electrostatic power sprayer can be used to apply GS75 (contact us for equipment details). 
  • Apply GS75 using the trigger sprayer that comes with the bottle. Spray all dry surfaces with a fluid back and forth motion 6” to 8” from surface until the entire area to be treated has been lightly covered.  No need to oversaturate, a light film is all that is necessary. 
  • Allow GS75 to dry for 2-3 minutes and wipe away any remaining moisture with a dry cloth such as our Goldshield microfiber cloths. 
  • That’s it!  Treated surfaces will be protected from microbial build up for up to 90 days.  Instant-acting, long-lasting protection. 

     USA ORDERS ONLY. Goldshield products are NOT AVAILABLE FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE OF THE US. ***Except for hand sanitizer only. Item GS24

    In order for GS75 to be most effective, remember: Don’t spray onto a wet surface… apply directly to dry surfaces only. Don’t spray GS75 directly onto a cleaning cloth. Instead, apply directly from the bottle onto the surface being treated. Don’t oversaturate. In between GS75 applications approximately every 90 days, you can clean treated surfaces with a detergent, but to assure optimum long-lasting effectiveness of GS75, use a nonionic detergent such as our Goldshield 85. To determine if a detergent is nonionic, read the product label. If unsure, simply rinse well with water after washing to assure removal of all detergent trace amounts, dry well, and apply GS75.

       EPA  approved  Reg. 85556-2. 

     ★  Long-lasting residual  protection. 

     GS75’s “active ingredient” is the world’s only patented organosilane compound that has been stabilized in water with a surface penetrating compound providing greater protection. 

       Non-alcohol and non-flammable. 

     ★  Prevents deterioration of substrates caused by bacteria and fungi            such as mold and mildew. 

     ★ Shelf-life is approximately one and a half years when unopened, or approximately one year after opening. 

       Does not leach or become mobile once applied. 

     ★ Excellent for use in alcohol-restricted applications. 

     ★ Approved for use in healthcare facilities as well as at home. 

      A Material Safety Data Sheet is available online.