S.A.C. DB8010 Personal Hygiene Disposal Bags, 16" x 16" trash bag

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S.A.C. DB8010 Adult Personal Hygiene Bags are designed specifically for the proper disposal of disposable adult briefs, pads, diapers, sanitary wipes, and other incontinence care items. With these personal hygiene bags, you won’t have to worry about handling accidents or unpleasant and embarrassing smells that stay around, even after the products are disposed of. The S.A.C. Personal Hygiene Disposal Bag is the answer to all of your incontinence disposal problems. Pack of 50 bags,  

  • Each bag measures 16" x 16" with a 2.5" bottom gusset.
  • These S.A.C. personal hygiene products are designed to keep everything that’s in the bag from getting out of the bag. Each bag is made from high-quality plastic material that is easy to handle and easily sealed closed to prevent spills. These materials are also very effective at trapping odors in the bag, without the use of nauseating chemical perfumes or powders. 

  • Effective and dependable containment for incontinence briefs, pads, liner and wipes
  • Non-translucent color keeps the visibility of contents to an absolute minimum
  • Drawstring closure tabs keep smells and contents from getting out
  • High-density plastic provides easy use, resulting in significantly less handling accidents