Double Sided – Premium Sanitizer Station Package

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Double Sided – Premium Sanitizer Station Package

About the Double-Sided Standard Station

Consisting of a 16″ x 16″, 53 lb. steel base plate and a 58″ tall aluminum stand, the Standard Station is designed for long-term, high-output usage. Hand-welded in Irving, TX, and finished with a sleek grey powder-coat, each station features TWO 12″ x 11″ customizable faceplates for personalization. Choose your dispensers and sanitizer type at checkout. Intended for indoor use.

The dispensers have universal, refillable 1200mL reservoirs that can be filled with any bulk liquid or gel sanitizer. Simply choose the dispenser type: Gel or Liquid Spray.

  • The Gel Dispenser works with gel sanitizer and it will drop the gel onto hands.
  • The Liquid Spray Dispenser works with liquid spray sanitizer, spraying onto hands in a fine mist
  • Included with every station:

  • Premium powder-coated aluminum stand with two customizable faceplates (12” x 11”)
  • Heavy-duty 53 lb steel base-plate to increase stability and prevent tipping
  • Touch-free, automatic dispenser with refillable reservoir that works with any bulk liquid or gel hand sanitizer product
  • Assembly tools
  • Mounting hardware for dispensers 
  • Add-Ons:

  • Gel or liquid hand sanitizer by the gallon (80% ethanol)
  • Water-absorbent mat
  • Batteries 
  • Product Specs

    Width 16"
    Depth 16"
    Height 58"
    Weight 68 lbs
    Brandable Area 2 - 12" tall x 11" wide
    Color Grey
    Dispenser Type Automatic/Touch-free
    Stand Material Aluminum
    Base Plate Material Steel
    Orientation Vertical
    SKU 03434333332
    Use Indoor Only