Do Not Flush Poster, school

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Do Not Flush Poster - Non adhesive, Group of Girls

"Do Not Flush" sign for easy posting on walls or partitions or near any S.A.C. Sanitary napkin tampon bag dispenser in the restroom. Shows a group of girls."Do Not Flush" sign. For easy posting on walls, doors, partitions or near any S.A.C. sanitary napkin disposal bag dispenser. Group of girls poster.
  • Do not flush sign
  • Post this sign on a wall, partition or door
  • Colorful reminder to Bag and Bin personal hygiene items
  • Helps to keep restrooms clean and sanitary
  • Group of girls
  • 5" x 5"
  • Non adhesive 80 LB paper stock
  • Mounting tape or tack are not included with the paper stock option