Deluxe Sanitizer Station Package

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Deluxe Sanitizer Station Package

About the Deluxe Station

The Deluxe Station has a powder-coated aluminum frame and base plate, hand-welded in Irving, TX. A completely customizable, hard-coated PETG wrap will surely stand out to customers and passersby. A 50 lb sandbag (included) is hidden inside to increase stability and prevent tipping. With each station, you have the option to add a touchless automatic or manual refillable dispenser that works with any bulk liquid or gel sanitizer. The Deluxe station offers customizable branding and can be used indoors and outdoors. 

Made in the USA

To customize your designs,

Our service team will follow up after your order. Select the option below to either provide your own designs or request a custom-branded design from us. If you’d like to design your own stand, we will provide the appropriate templates for you. If you’d like our team to create your stand, we will request a logo or other brand assets to be used in the design. You will receive a digital proof of your designs to be approved before we manufacture your order.

  • Premium powder-coated aluminum stand (59” x 11.5”)
  • 360-degree customizable, hard-coated PETG wrap
  • 50 lb sandbag insert to increase stability and prevent tipping
  • Touch-free, automatic dispenser with refillable reservoir that works with any bulk liquid or gel hand sanitizer product
  • Assembly tools
  • Mounting hardware for dispenser 
  • If you choose custom design contact us with your design at: 
  • Add-Ons:

  • Gel or liquid hand sanitizer by the gallon
  • Water-absorbent mat
  • Batteries