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Wall Mountable Sanitary Napkin Receptacle, TD1000

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S.A.C. is the preferred feminine hygiene disposal solution for facility professionals who want to reduce maintenance expense, reduce cleaning time and keep restrooms safe & neat.

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Golden Group International is a woman owned and operated company that’s dedicated to making your life easier, cleaner, and much more sanitary. Whether you’re the property owner of a large establishment, manage a large facility, part of a janitorial service, or an everyday person, we provide premium, easy-to-use products, so you can safely and responsibly dispose of personal hygiene items. Unlike other products, our sealable sanitary bags, sleek bag dispensers, and American-made receptacles keep contents in place for easy cleaning and disposal. No matter if you need sanitary bags, bag dispensers, and receptacles for an entire cruise ship or for your very own bathroom, you’ll find the personal hygiene items you need at Golden Group International.

We’re a WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise) certified company.