"Item as described very useful in a place that has old and sensitive plumbing."

"If you live in an older place or have bad plumbing, this product is a sanitary and discreet way to dispose of women's non-flushable items. "

“I will tell you from a personal viewpoint that your product has been something that we have been looking for. The dispensers are compact and space saving and the S.A.C.’s are ideal for our needs. The need to refill the dispensers less often is a good selling point. The fact that your company sells an environmentally friendly product is a real plus especially with the push to “Go Green” and knowing that you work with a company that provides employment for adults with special needs speaks to me. I am very pleased that I ran across your website and hope that we can continue to do business in the future. As I stated in our phone conversation we will be purchasing an additional 40-50 dispensers and will continue to order the product to fill dispensers.

Chemical Abstract

I own a small business technology consulting company. We specialize in Apple products, and have done so for 20 years. I firmly believe in the best product for the task no matter what it is, and there is no better computer than a Macintosh, no better phone than an iPhone, no better music player than an iPod.... you get it. My practice has expanded to include general business consulting as well, just by my own inability to keep my opinions to myself. So, when I've seen an opportunity or a failure at one of my client companies, I've always identified it. Some people are receptive to fresh perspectives, others are not.

Trust me, I looked at every damned sanitary bag on the market. They were all awful: the garish graphics, weird waxed papers that were translucent, or the gigantic quantity requirements. Then, on my last gasp, I found an article somewhere that just mentioned you quickly, but dismissed you because you cost more than the other options. (Don't ask me what the article was, I couldn't find it again if I tried.) BUT, it pointed out that your product biodegrades. Now, I was interested. When I got to your website I saw what I considered a home run:

  • simplicity of the design
  • elegance of the graphics
  • (really, I don't want white paper bags with blue volleyball women, giant ugly flowers, and a "PUT TAMPONS HERE" label in the bathroom of my home!)
  • fully discrete, non translucent material
  • sealable
  • biodegradable
  • package quantities appropriate to a home

When I believe in a product, I become an evangelist for it. I'm sure you've heard about us Macintosh people and our fanaticism! I believe that your product is the answer for our community. For years they've been preaching to people about what not to flush - and nobody listens. I think that's just the wrong approach. Women are still going to use their hygiene products, and families are going to use the personal wipes. They just are. Because of our bizarre cultural standard to pretend that NOBODY uses the bathroom, or personal hygiene products... they have no other way to get rid of them without flushing. Giving them a reasonably simple, visually appropriate product for discrete disposal in the waste basket is the answer. I have to imagine that if our property manager was as excited as she was, other managers would also benefit. Further, I can't imagine there are too many companies that produce these ejector pumps. It seems to me that they are a direct path to a huge potential customer base for you. Find out where the pumps are, and you've got a market! Plumbers are another great market for you... they are IN the home, the homeowner has just paid them a small fortune for a repair... that is the perfect opportunity for the plumber to sell them your product, just as he would any other product or service. So... are you in plumbing supply stores?


"S.A.C. is a great product. Many of the New York State agencies would benefit by using this product. In an effort to use Green Products this item fits in perfectly. New York State agencies that employ women or have them as clients need this product."


We have not had any plumbing issues since installing these disposal bags and dispensers in our campus restrooms. Prior to this we had complaints of odor and constant back ups. The S.A.C. products are the perfect size and dispense conveniently. The signage and instruction is a plus for the girls to be trained in proper disposal practices that are both healthful and economic.

Thank you!

"Your products are an asset to our company"

William, Panera Bread

"Great solution to an everyday problem"

Brooklyn College, NY

"S.A.C. Baby diaper disposal bags and dispensers are exactly what we need. Great product."

Mental Health America of Los Angeles

"S.A.C. sanitary napkin disposal kits are perfect for our facility!"

The Stash Tea Company

"These products help tremendously to reduce plumbing clogs and wear and tear."

Clemson University

"Purchase Cases of 50 bag boxes of sanitary napkin disposal bags for the hotel. Enhance the quest experience."

Hyatt Place Kansas City

"High Capacity S.AC. sanitary napkin and tampon disposal bags for high volume restrooms are excellent."

Macon Water Authority

"I work at a wastewater treatment center and we have over 1000 grinder pumps that feed the waste stream. The feminine products account for over 40% of our corrective maintenance call-outs. Anything that can be done to educate women about what is generally a sensitive subject greatly helps us here. "