Product Info

Product InfoS.A.C. products are made of degradable plastic. This type of plastic is engineered to break down within twelve to twenty four months, depending upon the management of the landfill. By using this type of plastic, available space within the holding capacity of landfills will increase by twenty to thirty percent. Waste inside the bag will break down faster, which in turn allows other surrounding garbage to degrade, speeding up the entire composting process within the landfill.

The dispensers are made of steel and built to last which customers appreciate especially in high volume restrooms with wear and tear. Golden Group International offers "Total Solution Starter sets" for those who have only a few restrooms and need to solve their disposal problem in one step. We also offer larger packaging for facilities such as hospitals and colleges. The products are available through quality distributors and some products are offered directly from our website or Amazon.

S.A.C. products work to reduce plumbing clogs, pump damage, flooding and loss of use as well as reduce cross contamination protecting workers and users. The S.A.C. systems keep restrooms cleaner, reducing litter, paper waste and odor which also results in less maintenance time and costs.

“Please Do Not Flush” signs are found in bathrooms coast-to-coast as reminders to do the right thing. However, the flushing of feminine products continues, greatly contributing to the floating pollution in our waterways. Using sealable sanitary napkin disposal bags, helps encourage proper disposal and reduces pollution. Upon implementation of Golden Group International’s products, it is suggested that S.A.C. signage is displayed on and above all dispensers to indicate what the bags are to be used for and as a reminder to protect our environment.

Product InformationOur Incontinence disposal bags offer a method to contain and control the contents of adult and baby diapers and disposable underwear. Caregivers tell us the sealable bags help to contain the odor also. When our disposal bag dispensers are placed by baby changing stations or in nursing home patient rooms it offers a convenient way to allow the bags to be readily available where and when they are needed to quickly contain soiled items.

SACGolden Group International regularly receives comments from wastewater treatment facilities complementing us on our efforts, as over 40% of their corrective maintenance call outs are caused by women flushing feminine hygiene products and anything that can be done to educate women about what is generally a sensitive subject is greatly appreciated. Women as well as janitorial staff attest to the fact that S.A.C. products are needed and solve the disposal problem.