How it Works

Do not Flush

You notice the Do not flush poster and are made aware to utilize the S.A.C. disposal bags instead of flushing used personal hygiene items.

Disposal Bag Dispenser

You reach for a disposal bag in the conveniently located bag dispenser.

Disposal Bags

You remove one sanitary napkin disposal bag and place all used personal hygiene items neatly within, closing it to reduce odor, visible waste and cross contamination.

Disposal Bins

You then dispose of your closed bag in the sanitary napkin receptacle.

Do not flush sign for bathroom, self adhesive, red and white S.A.C. LP5000, Do Not Flush Poster- Adhesive, red and white Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Days
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Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bag Dispenser, wall or partition mountable, steel unit, box format, no lock, for use with S.A.C. SB8836 by Golden Group International, Ltd. Capacity 50 bags. S.A.C. SD2014B, Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bag Dispenser - Box, Open Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Days
Our Price: $14.95
189 in stock!